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Title: IMS Learning Design Frequently Asked Questions
Authors: Tattersall, Colin
Manderveld, Jocelyn
Hummel, Hans
Sloep, Peter
Koper, Rob
De Vries, Fred
Keywords: FAQ
IMS Learning Design
Issue Date: 30-Jan-2004
Abstract: This list of frequently asked questions was composed on the basis of questions asked of the Educational Technology Expertise Centrum. The questions addessed are: Where can I find the IMS Learning Design Specification? What is meant by the phrase “Learning Design”? What is the IMS LD Specification about, in a nutshell? Why is the IMS LD Specification important? What problems is IMS LD designed to alleviate? What about IMS LD and pedagogical neutrality? What are the different levels of IMS LD and why are they distinguished? How does IMS LD relate to the other IMS specifications? IMS LD and IMS Simple Sequencing seem to be similar. Which one should I use? Will IMS LD be incorporated into a future version of SCORM? How was IMS LD developed? What’s the difference between IMS LD and EML? What kind of process is the creation of a learning design? What kind of support is available today for learning designers? What kind of support is envisaged for learning designers? How are learning designs transformed to ‘something that runs’? What happens at run-time? Is there an IMS LD developer’s community? The Best Practice Guide examples have incorrect schema locations. What’s wrong? I’m still getting schema errors with the examples. What’s wrong?
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