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Title: Social comparison and satisfacation with one's social life
Authors: Buunk, A.P.
Groothof, H.A.K.
Siero, F.W.
Keywords: close relationships
downward comparison
social comparison orientation
social relationships
upward comparison
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: SAGE publication
Abstract: In this study (n = 96), the role of social comparison in evaluating the quality of one’s friendships and social relationships was examined. Participants who were exposed to a comparison target with a very dissatisfying social life evaluated their own social life as better than participants who were exposed to a comparison target with a very satisfying social life. However, this effect was only found among individuals high in the individual characteristic social comparison orientation. It is concluded that only individuals with a dispositional tendency to compare themselves with others, will base the evaluation of their social life to significant extent on what they see in others.
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