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Title: Psychology and evolutionary biology; Causal analysis, evidence, and nomothetic laws
Authors: Van Hezewijk, René
Keywords: evolutionary psychology
causal analysis
Issue Date: 2003
Publisher: Captus Press
Abstract: SUMMARY Since James, some psychologists have referred to evolutionary psychology as one of the sources of explaining behaviour (James, 1890). However, the status of such references is not always clear. In the recent work of many authors, it is not always clear (1) what kind of causal analyses are appropriate in psychology beyond those psychologists already use; (2) how psychological explanations fit in the general scheme of explanations in the life sciences, especially in biological explanatory schemes; and (3) what this implies for the evaluation of available evidence. This chapter is about these questions. I discuss five types of explanations involved in psychological explanations using an evolutionary perspective, and I discuss how these types of analysis relate to types of propositions and types of evidence.
Description: Published as a chapter in Van Hezewijk, R. (2003). Psychology and evolutionary biology; Causal analysis, evidence, and nomothetic laws. In N. Stephenson, L. Radtke, R. Jorna & H. J. Stam (Eds.), Theoretical psychology; Critical contributions (pp. 405-415). Concord, Ontario: Captus Press.
ISBN: 1-55322-055-2
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