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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Feb-2011ICOPER Deliverable D-5.2 - ISURE: Guideline for the integration of instructional models with open educational content in IMS Learning DesignMüller, Daniel; Zimmermann, Volker; Peters, Jan
15-Feb-2011ICOPER deliverable D-5.3 - ISURE: Usage of IMS-LD for Communication and Collaboration ServicesMüller, Daniel; Zimmermann, Volker
24-Feb-2011Technology-Enhanced Learning @ CELSTEC: Ausgangslage, Entwicklung und TrendsKlemke, Roland
15-Feb-2011ICOPER Deliverable D-1.2 Open ICOPER Content Space Implementation of 2nd Generation of Open ICOPER Content Space including Integration Mini Case StudiesTotschnig, Michael
20-Jun-2011Standardization of Game Based Learning DesignKelle, Sebastian; Klemke, Roland; Gruber, Marion; Specht, Marcus
29-Nov-2011Ambient Displays and Game Design Patterns for Social LearningKelle, Sebastian; Börner, Dirk; Kalz, Marco; Specht, Marcus; Glahn, Christian
10-Feb-2011ICOPER Deliverable D-6.2 - Production flow description and prototype for the two platforms under study (Moodle and .LRN) including the required steps to exchange the material in both platformsAgea, Álvaro; Crespo García, Raquel; Delgado Kloos, Carlos; Gutiérrez, Israel; Leony, Derick; Pardo, Abelardo
21-May-2013Repository-übergreifende Suche: Erfahrungen bei ICOPERKlemke, Roland
19-Oct-2010Authoring for Re-Use in Outcome-oriented Learning ScenariosKlemke, Roland; Schmitz, Birgit
18-Oct-2010Authoring for Re-Use in Outcome-oriented Learning ScenariosKlemke, Roland; Schmitz, Birgit