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Title: Contextualised Learning
Authors: De Jong, Tim
Keywords: mobile learning
contextualised learning
authentic learning
technical framework
reference model
Issue Date: 22-Apr-2008
Abstract: This presentation gives an overview of the research we did on supporting authentic learning contexts with contextualised mobile media. First, we discuss a reference model that allows to classify the already existing literature in the field, but also can be used to derive future applications. On the basis of this reference model, we suggested a generic technical framework. The main idea behind the framework is the independence of mobile technology available; in that way, the development of mobile learning application could focus more on the learning again, instead of the technology, which is now often the case. Furthermore, the technical framework makes fast prototyping of new learning technologies possible. To illustrate this, also some practical applications, that use the framework as a basis, are given.
Description: De Jong, T. (2008). Contextualised Learning. Presented in the Multimedia meeting in Auberge de Rousch. March, 15, 2008, Heerlen, The Netherlands.
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