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Title: ID3.6 Architecture Design Document
Authors: Lemmers, Ruud
Vogten, Hubert
Martens, Harrie
Beauvoir, Phillip
Dicerto, Michele
Keywords: software architecture
developer guidelines
PCM services
Issue Date: 24-Apr-2008
Series/Report no.: TENCompetence - IST-2005-027087
revision 1.1
Abstract: The document explains how the PCM server works and how to use version 1.0 of the PCM services to three target groups: 1. Designers and analysts who need to understand what functionality the PCM services offer. 2. Developers who will build new clients on top of the PCM services. 3. Developers who intend to extend and / or change existing PCM services. The document also describes the software architecture of the PCM server to developers that need to extend or change the PCM server. The views from the 4+1 approach by Kruchten are used to describe the software architecture. The description of the PCM services also forms ID3.7 – “Final API definitions for the second release, beta version”.
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