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Title: Using Emotional Intelligence in Personalized Adaptation
Authors: Damjanovic, Violeta
Kravcik, Milos
Keywords: emotional intelligence
personalized adaptation
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: Information Science Reference
Citation: Also published in: Damjanovic, V., & Kravcik, M. (2007). Using Emotional Intelligence in Personalized Adaptation. In V. Sugumaran (Ed.), Intelligent Information Technologies: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications (pp. 1716-1742). IGI Global
Abstract: The process of training and learning in Web-based and ubiquitous environments brings a new sense of adaptation. With the evelopment of more sophisticated environments, the need for them to take into account the user’s traits, as well as the user’s devices on which the training is executed, has become an important issue in the domain of building novel training and learning environments. This chapter introduces an approach to the realization of personalized adaptation. According to the fact that we are dealing with the stereotypes of e-learners, having in mind emotional intelligence concepts to help in adaptation to the e-learners real needs and known preferences, we have called this system eQ. It stands for the using of the emotional intelligence concepts on the Web.
Description: Damjanovic, V. & Kravcik, M. (2007). Using Emotional Intelligence in Personalized Adaptation. In M. D. Lytras & A. Naeve (Eds.), Ubiquitous and Pervasive Knowledge and Learning Management (pp. 158-197). IGI Publishing.
ISBN: 1-59904-483-8
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