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Title: TENTube: A video-based connection tool supporting competence development
Authors: Angehrn, Albert
Maxwell, Katrina
Keywords: Competence development
connection dynamics
connection games
intelligent social agents
knowledge management
learning networks
network visualization
virtual communities
Issue Date: 29-May-2008
Abstract: The vast majority of knowledge management initiatives fail because they do not take sufficiently into account the emotional, psychological, and social needs of individuals. Only if users see real value for themselves will they actively use and contribute their own knowledge to the system, and engage with other users. Connection dynamics can make this easier, and even enjoyable, by connecting people and bringing them closer through shared experiences such as playing a game together. A higher connectedness of people to other people, and to relevant knowledge assets, will motivate them to participate more actively and increase system usage. In this paper, we describe the design of TENTube, a video-based connection tool we are developing to support competence development. TENTube integrates rich profiling and network visualization and navigation with agent-enhanced game-like connection dynamics.
Description: Angehrn, A. A., & Maxwell, K. (2008). TENTube: A video-based connection tool supporting competence development. In H. W. Sligte & R. Koper (Eds.), Proceedings of the 4th TENCompetence Open Workshop. Empowering Learners for Lifelong Competence Development: pedagogical, organisational and technological issues (pp. 59-65). April, 10-11, 2008, Madrid, Spain: SCO-Kohnstamm Instituut, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. [See also: ]
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