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Title: ID5.14 Core services requirements
Authors: Mazzetti, Alessandro
Dicerto, Michele
Napoletano, Linda
Demidova, Elena
Zerr, Sergej
Stefanov, Krassen
Grigorov, Alexander
Mendez, Carlos
Moghnieh, Ayman
Perez, Mar
Keywords: WP5
internal deliverable
core services
Issue Date: 4-Jul-2008
Series/Report no.: TENCompetence - IST-2005-027087
version 1.0
Abstract: This document contains the results of the specification and design of core services for knowledge sharing and management. A tool map is presented, along with a benchmarking method for tools selection. The technical specification describes the architecture and the functionalities of the LearnWeb2.0 system (formerly KRSM). Finally a list of Web-Services and API is contained in appendix.
Appears in Collections:5. TENC: Deliverables, Milestones & Internal Reports

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