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25-Jan-2015Metal Balances of Arable Land. An Analysis of the Environmental Consequences of the Use of Residuals and Products of Animal Manure Processing as Fertilizer and Soil Improver in Dutch Agriculture and Bulb Cultivation.Janssen, Mark
19-Sep-2012Passive Sampling of Organic Micro Pollutants in Surface Water.Hellinx, Gerolf
Nov-2013Sonja Analysed. To What Extent is the Sonja Bakker Diet a Safe Remedy to Lose Weight?Diddens, Tineke
Feb-2014Polychlorinated Biphenyl Concencentrations in the Eagle Owl (Bubo Bubo) of Southern Limbourg.Peters, Hans
6-Oct-2011Ontwerp van een Microbial Assessment Scheme (MAS) als instrument bij de verificatie van de autocontrole in collectiviteitenLandeghem, F Van
31-Jul-2013Development of a Confirmatory Method for the Detection of Recombinant Bovine Somatotropin in Serum of Dairy Cattle.Smits, Nathalie
18-Dec-2013Effect of Hexavalent Chromium on Stem Cells of the Flatworm Schmidtea Mediterranea. Cellular Research and a Comparison With Cadmium.Saenen, Francine
12-Apr-2012Common Ragwort on the Veluwe the Netherlands. A Research About Differences in Dominancy of Common Ragwort in Natural Vegetations.Veendrick, Johan
Sep-2012Diagnosis of the Effects of Abiotic Factors on the Biodiversity of the Dutch Fresh Water Area.Vries, Claudette de
Jun-2013Referral to Youth Health Care, a Weighty Matter? An Explorative Study for Factors That Influence Parental Willingness to Visit Youth Health Care With Their Overweight Child.Veerhoek, Dennis