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Title: An Architecture for Searching Radio Signals: coordination of task and result sharing in the search process
Authors: Ronkes, Mark J
Keywords: architectuur
Issue Date: Apr-2008
Publisher: Open Universiteit Nederland
Abstract: Searching for radio signals in the ether with the currently used approaches and resources, has turned out to be ine cient. Due to the complexity of the search process, execution of similar or overlapping search tasks often occurs. Practical experience has shown that a lot of signal systems are not fully deployed. Nowadays, due to the lack of integration possibilities, knowledge acquired on the basis of the search process is only partially captured and manual tasks are to relatively large extent needed for signal searching. Ultimately, this has resulted in the current situation where the search process is performed mainly manually. In order to improve the e ciency, we aim at deploying autonomous processes.
Description: voorzitter: prof. dr. Lex Bijlsma, begeleider: dr. Bastiaan Heeren
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