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Title: Applicability of the Geneva conventions to non-international conflicts
Authors: Merten, D M S
Keywords: politieke conflicten
internationale verdragen
Issue Date: 7-Jun-2008
Publisher: Open Universiteit Nedeland
Abstract: In this thesis I will research the possibility of the application of the Geneva Conventions to non-international conflicts, as they may give a better protection to civilians in an ethnic civil war. To obtain an idea of the structure of applicability of the Geneva Conventions I will describe them in the first chapter and in the second chapter I will look at their position in international law and compare them with human rights law as there seems to be a connection between the two bodies of law. In the third chapter the possibilities of direct effect will be explored as well as the applicability of the notion of jus cogens to humanitarian law. As it is often suggested that today the sovereignty of states is eroding to the benefit of international organizations, I will discuss sovereignty in the fourth chapter. The fifth chapter contains the discussion on the jurisdiction of the Yugoslavia tribunal in the Tadić case and a comparison of the outcome with the ICC Statute.
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