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Title: Political Behavior in Middle Management: the political skill of an effective middle manager during an organizational change
Authors: Maat, Mirko van der
Keywords: organisatieverandering
Issue Date: May-2008
Publisher: Open Universiteit Nederland
Abstract: An important tribute to the result of an organizational change is delivered by the middle manager. The middle manager is really in the ‘middle’ of an organizational change. The middle manager has to deal with the pressure of the organizational context, has to gain the trust of the employees to accept the change and has to achieve the results and keep the pace of the change excellent for the senior management. An important aspect of the managerial behavior and, especially for middle managers who are responsible for the implementation of the change, is the understanding of the political aspects. The presupposition of this explorative research was that the political behavior of a middle manager had an influence on the effectiveness of the organizational change and that the political behavior was influenced by the political skill. In the quantitative part of the research there are indications that two of the four dimensions of the political skill construct are related to political behavior. The two, the networking ability and the inter-personal influence, are positively connected to political behavior. The effect of the middle manager’s political behavior on the effectiveness of organizational change seems limited, though further research is needed due to explorative character of this study. From the qualitative approach it is clear that political behavior is always needed during a change. The ten interviewees, middle managers who were responsible for a change in the last five years, suggested it is a crucial behavior to successfully implement the change. The assumption from the lived experience is that a middle manager uses political behavior for self-serving reasons and less for organizational goals. It is about ‘getting the job done’. For this reason a middle manager will show more political behavior when their change goals are at risk.
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