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Title: Developing the Personal Competence Manager Evaluation Work: ‘EPIQ Business Demonstrator’
Authors: Shoikova, Elena
Denishev, Vladislav
Milanov, Radoslav
Keywords: Personal Competence Manager
professional community
competence profile
competence development plan
knowledge management
Issue Date: 25-Nov-2008
Abstract: The paper presents the design of a business demonstrator that will take place at EPIQ Electronic Assembly Business Unit EPIQ-2 (BU EPIQ-2), Botevgrad, Bulgaria. The process of a business model development to supply TENCompetence services (particularly Personal Competence Manager), within the BU EPIQ-2’s training process will be supported by the team of the Technical University – Sofia Research & Development Laboratory “E-Learning Technologies and Standards”. The aim of the business demonstrator is to develop a sustainable implementation of the TENCompetence concept and open source infrastructure at BU EPIQ-2 to support communities and individuals within the company to further develop their competences, by using distributed knowledge resources and learning units, routes/programmes, and activities, that are available online. The BU EPIQ-2 as a high technology business organisation needs to get more out of their engineers and specialists (more than 95) and in this time of increasing global competition it is now even more important to have motivated and talented employees to help meet the organization’s goals and objectives. The BU EPIQ-2’s business demonstrator will focus on 8 pre-defined key job positions: Project Engineer; Quality Support Engineer; Test Engineer; Process Engineer; Project Leader; Customer Service Representative; Procurement Specialist and Recruitment Specialist. The pilot will last from 01 Nov 2008 until 30 Jun 2009.
Description: Shoikova, E., Denishev, V., & Milanov, R. (2008). Developing the Personal Competence Manager Evaluation Work: ‘EPIQ Business Demonstrator’. In R. Koper, K. Stefanov & D. Dicheva (Eds.), Proceedings of the 5th International TENCompetence Open Workshop "Stimulating Personal Development and Knowledge Sharing" (pp. 61-66). October, 30-31, 2008, Sofia, Bulgaria: TENCompetence Workshop. [For the whole proceedings please see also ]
ISBN: 978-954-92146-5-9
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