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Title: Dynamic task selection in flight management system training.
Authors: Salden, Ron
Paas, Fred
Van der Pal, Jelke
Van Merriënboer, Jeroen
Keywords: dynamic task selection
personalized training
learner control
mental efficiency,
Issue Date: 2006
Abstract: The effects of three task selection methods on test performance and training efficiency in a computer-based Flight Management System (FMS) training were investigated. A fixed condition was compared to a learner control condition, and a condition using the participants’ self-rated performance and mental effort. Although, the experimental conditions revealed more positive training effects, no differences were found for training efficiency and test performance. A follow-up study did not confirm the alternative hypothesis that these results were caused by the higher amount of tasks in the fixed condition. Extra analyses suggested that the quality of self-rating needs to be considered in future research.
Description: Salden, R.J.C.M., Paas, F., Van der Pal, J., & Van Merriënboer, J.J.G. (2006). Dynamic task selection in flight management system training. International Journal of Aviation Psychology, 16, 157-174.
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