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Title: idSpace D5.1 - idSpace User Requirements
Authors: Heider, Thomas
Keywords: idSpace
user requirements
target users
functional requirements
use cases
Issue Date: 9-Dec-2008
Abstract: This User Requirements analysis identifies user requirements through use cases. The idSpace target user groups are staff members of organizations and companies in different European countries, who are conducting creative innovative processes. The user perspective will be considered from two perspectives: The definition of functional requirements in terms of the information and data required and of the modes of access to this data, transactions and modifications of data. The identification and description of the context of use and non-functional requirements, such as subjective preferences and others. As a result of this task the analysis describes different use cases for the implementation of idSpace.
Description: Contributors: OUNL, SAS, UCY, MORPH, UHI, UPRC
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