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Title: Content and Timing of Feedback in a Web-based Learning Environment: Effects on Learning as a function of prior knowledge.
Authors: Smits, Marieke
Boon, Jo
Sluijsmans, Dominique
Van Gog, Tamara
Keywords: Content of feedback
Timing of feedback
Prior knowledge
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Abstract: This study investigated the effectiveness of different types of feedback content (elaborate vs. global) and feedback timing (immediate vs. delayed) for learning about genetics in a webbased learning environment as a function of learners’ prior knowledge. It was hypothesized that learning outcomes of students with low prior knowledge would be fostered by immediate elaborate feedback, whereas those of students with more prior knowledge would be enhanced by delayed global feedback. Students’ perceptions of the feedback they received were explored. Results showed a significant positive effect of global feedback on learning outcomes for higher prior knowledge learners, although those who received elaborate feedback gave a higher appreciation rating. The findings are discussed in terms of implications for the design and delivery of feedback in web-based learning environments.
Description: Smits, M. H. S. B., Boon, J., Sluijsmans, D. M. A., & Van Gog, T. (2008). Content and timing of feedback in a web-based learning environment: Effects on learning as a function of prior knowledge. Interactive Learning Environments, 16, 183-193.
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