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Title: ID 6.5 Validation testing and usability results
Authors: Griffiths, David
Barrett Baxendale, Mark
Beauvoir, Phillip
Sharples, Paul
Hernández-Leo, Davinia
Keywords: IMS Learning Design
Unit of Learning
Widget Server
Issue Date: 5-Jan-2009
Abstract: This internal deliverable is a report on the evaluation of the ReCourse Learning Design Editor carried out in June. It consisted of a workshop with Higher Education teachers, who were trained in the use of the tool. Questionnaires were administered, and interviews carried out with seven users. The results of the Likert scale questions indicate that the respondents could get to grips with the application with only a two hours of demonstration and presentations. transcripts of conversations with users indicate that in most cases the underlying problems in most cases were twofold: (1) resource management (2) the structure and concepts of IMS LD.
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