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Title: A framework for integrated performance assessment in E-Learning.
Authors: Sluijsmans, Dominique
Prins, Frans
Martens, Rob
Keywords: powerful e-learning environments
competency-based performance-assessment
Issue Date: 2006
Publisher: Springer
Abstract: Though effort has been invested in designing powerful e-learning environments, relatively little attention has been paid to the design of valid en reliable assessments in these environments. This article focuses on the design of competency-based performance-assessment in e-learning. An approach to designing performance assessments in e-learning contexts is presented, that implies also an alternative view on instructional design, learning and assessment. The requirements for the learning environment are addressed. Examples from a virtual seminar are presented to illustrate the design approach. The article concludes with the identification of possible pitfalls related to the approach and gives directions for future research.
Description: Sluijsmans, D. M. A., Prins, F., Martens, R. (2006). A framework for integrated performance assessment in E-Learning. Learning Environments Research, 9(1), 45-66.
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