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dc.contributor.authorSpecht, Marcus-
dc.contributor.authorWolpers, Martin-
dc.contributor.authorBörner, Dirk-
dc.contributor.authorApelt, Stefan-
dc.contributor.authorTernier, Stefaan-
dc.description.abstractThis deliverable describes concepts and functional prototypes developed in MACE. Its goal is to describe the prototypes for metadata enrichment developed in the MACE project so far. As a joint deliverable, it is a collection of the following deliverables listed in the Description of Work: - D3.2 Functional Prototype for usage metadata - D4.3 Functional Prototype for contextual metadata - D5.2 Functional Prototype for competence and process metadata - D6.3 Functional Prototype for content and domain metadata For each deliverable, a separate chapter is included so that references to the planned deliverables can be derived easily. In addition, this deliverable is strongly connected to Joint Deliverable JD5: "MACE toolset and infrastructure, prototype", also due in M15.-
dc.titleMACE: Joint Deliverable "Functional prototype for metadata tools and concepts"en_US
dc.typeTechnical Reporten_US
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