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Title: Exploring the Daunting Lifelong Learning Landscape
Authors: Lemmers, Ruud
Krekels, Bas
Keywords: lifelong learning
Issue Date: 18-Feb-2009
Series/Report no.: IST-2005-027087
Abstract: One can distinguish a big bunch of different services to support and stimulate lifelong learning. In a non-technical session, we will introduce the services as identified in and supported by the TENCompetence project. However, introducing the services separately doesn’t paint the full picture! The synergy from cross links between services creates (a lot of) added value, like in today’s mash-up applications. In small groups, the participants will discover these cross links and find out their benefits themselves. As a side effect, thinking about cross links will help the participants to better understand the full lifelong learning landscape.
Description: Lemmers, R., & Krekels, B. (2009). Exploring the Daunting Lifelong Learning Landscape. Presentation at the Third and final TENCompetence Winterschool. February, 5, 2009, Innsbruck, Austria.
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