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Title: idSpace D2.2 – Semantic meta-model, integration and transformations v1
Authors: Dolog, Peter
Lin, Yujian
Dols, Roger
Schmid, Klaus
Grube, Pascal
Pinchuk, Rani
Keywords: idSpace
Creativity Techniques
Creative Process
Creativity Tools
Graph-Based Transformation
Idea Maps
ServiceComposition Model,
Combination of Creativity Techniques
Issue Date: 20-Feb-2009
Series/Report no.: Deliverable
Abstract: This report introduces a topic maps based metamodel for crea-tivity techniques, creativity process, and idea maps as results from creativity process. It proposes a graph based and hierar-chical graph based transformation of idea maps for combination and integration of results of different creativity sessions. It fur-ther suggests a service composition model as an integration model based on service oriented architecture which integrates various creativity process supporting tools as services.
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