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Title: D1.1 Open ICOPER Content Space Implementation of 1st Generation of Open ICOPER Content Space including Integration Mini Case Studies
Authors: Totschnik, Michael
Klerkx, Joris
Klobučar, Tomaž
Law, Effie
Simon, Bernd
Ternier, Stefaan
Keywords: ICOPER
Open ICOPER Content Space
Issue Date: 2-Mar-2009
Abstract: In the context of the ICOPER project, the Open ICOPER content space (OICS) has been defined as the umbrella combining a portfolio of interoperable repositories, content and tools, as a test bed for the specifications and standards that become part of the ICOPER reference model. The use cases that the OICS will support emerge from the collaboration of all work packages. After fruitful discussions between all partners of work package 1, it was decided to conceive the first generation of the OICS as a meta-repository providing search functionality. Technologically, it would be based on metadata harvesting and provide a simple search interface for querying this metadata. This should build the foundation for the implementation of more sophisticated use cases that are currently collected by work package leaders, and are analyzed under the supervision of WP7. These use cases serve as concrete inputs for the future development of OICS. Detailed descriptions about this task are presented in Section 7.
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