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Title: The influence of management reactions when implementing global knowledge in a local context: the ase of two Dutch-Romanian companies
Authors: Bijl, Madeleine
Keywords: management
Issue Date: Oct-2008
Publisher: Open Universiteit Nederland
Abstract: Management reactions that had an influence on the (success of) the actual practice in my case study findings are: autocratism, communication, repeating, severity, hurrying and minimising costs, anger, insult, complaining, dishonesty and disobedience, enthusiasm, frustration, feeling insulted, stoicism, worries, irritation, pointing at each other, disappointment, fear, feeling helpless and distrust. These findings can help to shed light on the more general question: “What makes managers more or less successful when dealing with the tension between localisation and globalisation?” Despite the things already known (current literature and theory), an all-embracing theory that explains how managers handle local implementation of a global practice and what makes them successful does not exist. The answer to this question is relevant, because if managers make the right decision, their companies could develop a competitive advantage over others. With the help of he result of my research I have formed five hypotheses on how managers can be successful when dealing with the tension between globalisation and localisation while implementing global practices in a local context. I have suggested that knowledge about what global knowledge and actual practice their company could use, how and which local (f)actors will have an influence on the implementation of that specific knowledge, (the influence of) their own reaction on the actual practice, how to adapt their reaction to get the desired actual practice might be important in defining the success of local managers when dealing with the tension between localisation and globalisation. Since my conclusions and hypotheses are not generalisable and can only contribute to theory building, future research should derive testable suppositions from the hypotheses and test them. It will eventually be possible to generalise the findings into a broad theory about the influence of management reaction on the implementation of global knowledge in a local context.
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