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Title: Cooperation of general practitioners and occupational physicians: Identity, trust and responsibility
Authors: Nauta, Noks
Grumbkow, Jasper von
Keywords: Occupational identity
General practitioners
Occupational Health Physicians
Collaborative strategies
Multi-organizational partnerships
Issue Date: 2001
Publisher: Leuven/Apeldoorn: Garant
Abstract: Our study shows that different social psychological mechanisms have a profound effect on the quality of the cooperation of GPs and OPs. Especially we found significant differences between the two professions in professional identity, relative position, dependency, trust and responsibility. There is a significant correlation between the number of contacts and the evaluation of the contacts and between the number of contacts and trust in the communication. Apparently trust in the quality of the work is not the problem. Our results suggest ways of improving education and training. On base of our findings we suggest the following interventions: 1. OPs should improve their own professional identity. They should work on internal contacts and create a more cohesive group. The professional group should present itself more clearly. The professional association of OPs could play a prominent role in this. This association is already active in producing standards and composing a declaration of intent. These are useful steps in this view. 2. GPs need to be better informed about what an OP does. It will then be clearer in which respects the well-being of the patient will gain quality when they use the expertise of OPs. Accepting and using the mutual dependency of GP and OP is beneficial for the patient. 3. More possibilities for contacts between GPs and OPs. They could for instance talk about the division of tasks and responsibilities; also about communication. Talking as equal colleagues is the most important factor, having a communal problem: the patient.
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