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Title: A basic framework for integrating social and collaborative applications into learning environments
Authors: Moghnieh, Ayman
Blat, Josep
Keywords: social
learning environment
Issue Date: 3-Jun-2009
Abstract: The successful integration of web2.0 applications in learning environments depends on their compatibility with the learners' objectives and requirements. Therefore, understanding the learners' view of the environment in any given scenario can facilitate this integration. In this paper we present a learner-centered strategy for integrating web2.0 applications in learning environments. This strategy is based on a novel framework for identifying the learners' requirements and composing a model of the environment. The framework's methods parametrise four concerns, being the amount and diversity of required information, and the interaction's duration and centricity. The modelling technique uses the notion of interaction contexts which is shown to be useful for this integration.
Description: Moghnieh, A., & Blat, J. (2009). A basic framework for integrating social and collaborative applications into learning environments. Proceedings of the first conference on Research, Reflection, and Innovations in Integrating ICT in Education: Vol. 2 (pp. 1057-1061). April, 22-24, 2009, Lisbon, Portugal: M-ICTE2009.
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