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Title: ID5.17: New LearnWeb tool v.0.3 evaluation outcomes
Authors: Mazzetti, Alessandro
Perez, Mar
Keywords: WP5
internal deliverable
LearnWeb v.0.3
KRService v.0.3
Issue Date: 11-Jun-2009
Series/Report no.: ID5.17
Abstract: This document describes the evaluation of the new version of LearnWeb2.0, called: LearnWeb v.0.3 and KRService v.0.3. After a brief introduction, the evaluation methodology is described, both in terms of functionality tests and of quality tests. Then the loadability tests are described along with the usability aspects. A summary of the functionality follows, with the final recommendations for future versions. This document is an internal deliverable of WP5. It deals with the evaluation of the software LearnWeb2.0 v.0.3
Description: Mazzetti, A., & Perez, M. (2009). ID5.17: New LearnWeb tool v.0.3 evaluation outcomes: TENCompetence.
Appears in Collections:5. TENC: Deliverables, Milestones & Internal Reports

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