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Title: Learning Networks Programme 2009-2014
Other Titles: Learning Networks for professional development
Authors: Sloep, Peter
Keywords: Learning Networks
Programme Plan
Issue Date: 23-Jun-2009
Abstract: The Learning Networks Programme grew out of an earlier programme on Learning Networks, which ran from 2003 to 2008. Although in the essence of the topics studied and the methodology adopted there are no differences, significant changes of emphasis have been made. Most importantly, the Programme has not just a development objective, but as part of its mission seeks to contribute theories and models that are specific to its field and engage in validation activities of the theories, models and software solutions it has developed. Second, a Learning Network now is also, and predominantly, analysed from the perspective of an online, social network. This lead to the analysis of competences and their development from a less mechanistic, gap-analysis type of approach to a more societal, situated perspective; as well as to a rich stock of network design rules and guidelines, that help improve a Learning Network to become more effective and efficient as a knowledge diffusion and knowledge inculcation device. Notwithstanding these new emphases, the devising and development of computer-based support services for competence development and network facilitation remain key to the Programme. The management part to the Programme discusses how the Programme’s ambitions fit in with the world around it, varying from CELSTEC to UNESCO. It details the ambitions and indicates what measures, procedural and organisational, will be taken to guarantee these ambitions will be met in time. The present document contains the description for the Learning Networks Programme. It is meant to cover the period from 2009 until 2014 and, apart from the management summary, consists of two parts. Discussing them in reversed order, part II contains an argued description of what topics the Programme seeks to address, what problems it wants to resolve, what contributions to theory development it wants to make. The description sets the plan both in the context of work carried out in the previous Learning Networks Programme and in the contexts of activities that have been and are carried out elsewhere. Conversely, part I contains information on the organisational measures and policies that need to be put in place in order for the Programme to function at all.
Description: Sloep, P. (2009). Learning Networks Programme 2009-2014. June, 22, 2009, Heerlen, The Netherlands: Open University of the Netherlands.
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