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Title: EML and LMS related standard
Authors: Loeffen, Arjan
Manderveld, Jocelyn
Koper, Rob
Keywords: EML
Learning Resource Meta-data
Educational model
Instructional Management System
Content Packaging
Resource Identifiers
Learner information packaging
Reusable compentency definitions
simple sequencing
Questions & Test interoperability
Issue Date: 29-Aug-2002
Series/Report no.: ;OTEC2002/19
Abstract: IMS Global Learning Consortium, Inc. (IMS) is developing and promoting open specifications for facilitating online distributed learning activities such as locating and using educational content, tracking learner progress, reporting learner performance, and exchanging student records between administrative systems. The IMS project defines the following separate specifications. · Learning Resource Meta-data (p. 9). This is a specification of meta-data used to identify “learning resources”. · Content packaging (p. 13). A specification of how to assemble and distribute content in “packages”. · Resource identifiers (p. 17). This defines persistent, location independent resource identifiers. · Question & Test Interoperability (QTI) (p. 19). This defines the structure of questions and tests, and the grouping of these. · Enterprise (p. 33). This defines the way information on the learning 'enterprise' (instructional processes) is shared. · Learner information packaging (p. 37). This specifies how to record and share information on the learner. · Reusable Competency Definitions (p. 40). An information model for describing, referencing and exchanging definitions of competencies, primarily in the context of online and distributed learning. · Simple Sequencing (p. 42). This defines how to associate sequencing information with content packs (p. 13) and its default behaviour. Each specification has (or will have) at least three main parts: · Information model — an abstract description of the area modelled · Binding — binding to a particular language. For all specifications XML is the language of choice · Best practice — explanation of how to apply the model.
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