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Title: Learning in a Technology Enhanced World
Authors: Specht, Marcus
Keywords: mobile learning
Issue Date: 25-Sep-2009
Abstract: In the following sections I will first outline what the current developments and trends in technology for the next five to ten years are and what their potential for enhancing learning is. OUN Second, I will describe how these developments and innovations already today influence the way we communicate, live, and learn. How the generation gap between digital natives and digital immigrants is leading to different perceptions of digital media and their use for learning and teaching. Third, I will outline some research on context and learning. I will describe examples of what I mean when I talk about context and I will give an overview of the usage of context in education and the key effects we can expect from contextualising technology enhancements for learning. What are the variables and design parameters we have to consider when we design contextualized learning in a technology enhanced world? In the fourth part I will introduce the model of ambient information channels that is a structuring metaphor for contextual learning technology. Last, I will highlight some key questions for a future research agenda in the field of contextual learning support and describe some research we are currently working on at the Centre of Learning Sciences and Technologies (CELSTEC) here at the Open University of the Netherlands.
Description: Specht, M. (2009). Learning in a Technology Enhanced World: Context in Ubiquitous Learning Support. Inaugural Address. September, 11, 2009, Heerlen, The Netherlands: Open University of the Netherlands.
ISBN: 9789079447299
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