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Title: ReMashed - An Usability Study of a Recommender System for Mash-Ups for Learning
Authors: Drachsler, Hendrik
Rutledge, Lloyd
Van Rosmalen, Peter
Hummel, Hans
Pecceu, Dries
Arts, Tanja
Hutten, Edwin
Koper, Rob
Keywords: mupple
recommender system
informal learning
learning networks
Issue Date: 26-Oct-2009
Abstract: The following article presents a Mash-up Personal Learning Environment called ReMashed that recommends items from the emerging information of a Learning Network. In ReMashed users can specify certain Web 2.0 services and combine them in a Mash-Up Personal Learning Environment. The users can rate information from an emerging amount of Web 2.0 information of a Learning Network and train a recommender system for their particular needs. ReMashed therefore has three main goals: 1. to provide a recommender system for Mash-up Personal Learning Environments to learners, 2. to offer an environment for testing new recommendation approaches and methods for researchers, and 3. to create informal user-generated-content data sets that are needed to evaluate new recommendation algorithms for learners in informal Learning Networks.
Description: Drachsler, H., Rutledge, L., Van Rosmalen, P., Hummel, H. G. K., Pecceu, D., Arts, T., Hutten, E., & Koper, R. (2010). ReMashed - An Usability Study of a Recommender System for Mash-Ups for Learning (Special issue). International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET). ICL2009 - Mash Ups for Learning, 5(2010), 7-11.
ISSN: 1863-0383
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