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Title: Facilitating Work Based Learning Projects: A Business Process Oriented Knowledge Management Approach
Authors: Miao, Yongwu
Sloep, Peter
Koper, Rob
Keywords: work based learning
knowladge management
Issue Date: 3-Nov-2009
Abstract: The knowledge generated and acquired in workplaces differs from that generated and sustained within formal academic and disciplinary structures. It is interdisciplinary and situated, and cannot be organized and structured as a traditional discipline-based course. This paper proposes to use the business process as a framework to structure and organize work-based knowledge for facilitating the creation, transfer, and use of knowledge across work-based learning (WBL) projects within the networked learning community. This approach supports to represent and record externalized tacit and explicit knowledge and to find context-sensitive and task-relevant knowledge resources. We argue that IMS Learning Design (LD), with appropriate changes, can be used to represent WBL project plans and facilitate the creation and use of work-based knowledge through execution of the WBL project plan represented in LD.
Description: Miao, Y., Sloep, P. B., & Koper, R. (2010). Facilitating Work Based Learning Projects: A Business Process Oriented Knowledge Management Approach. In D. Griffiths & R. Koper (Eds.), Rethinking Learning and Employment at a Time of Economic Uncertainty. Proceedings of the 6th TENCompetence Open workshop (pp. 22-33). November, 19-20, 2009, Manchester, UK. Bolton, UK: Institute for Educational Cybernetics, The University of Bolton. For the complete book please see
ISBN: 978-0-907311-30-0
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