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Title: Goal Orientation Portlet
Authors: Stoev, Teodor
Keywords: Competence
Competence Profile
Issue Date: 8-Nov-2009
Abstract: The goal orientation portlet is one of the portlets to help a person in getting an overview of the available competence development opportunities. The goal orientation portlet is used by people who have no idea what they want to learn or what profession or career they aspire to (so searching the available competence(profile)s for strings taken from job titles, professions or topics is not a proper strategy, as this assumes the person already has an idea what he/she is looking for).
Description: Stoev, T. (2009). Goal Orientation Portlet. The outcome of using the goal orientation portlet should be a (list of) competences that the person may like to investigate in greater detail. Based on this (list of) competences the person may thus do a self assessment on the competence (or even the competence profile to which the competence belongs), get in touch with a person in a competence network to make further inquiries, or look up a relevant resource. This is however done through separate portlets (that are also part of the overview function). Available under the three clause BSD licence, Copyright TENCompetence Foundation.
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