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Title: idSpace D3.3 – Definition and Implementation of Context Awareness v2
Authors: Sielis, George
Mettouris, Christos
Keywords: idSpace
Context Awareness component
Conceptual model
Context Factors
Issue Date: 24-Nov-2009
Abstract: This Deliverable describes the Context Awareness component v2 of the idSpace platform. It refers to the technologies used for its implementation, its structure and the methods followed for the computation of the included recommendation packages. Moreover, the meta-model of the current implementation is presented, as well as the ideal meta-model for Context Awareness. In addition, a description of how the component was preliminary tested using dummy data is presented.
Description: Sielis, G., & Mettouris, C. (2009). idSpace D3.3 – Definition and Implementation of Context Awareness v2. [Contributors: George A. Sielis (UCY), Christos Mettouris (UCY), Aimilia Tzanavari (UCY), George A. Papadopoulos (UCY)]
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