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Title: CopperCore 3.3
Authors: Martens, Harrie
Vogten, Hubert
Keywords: IMS Learning Design
Issue Date: 4-Dec-2009
Abstract: CopperCore, a J2EE run time engine for IMS Learning Design which can be used to incorporate IMS Learning Design in your own application(s). Both Java and SOAP APIs are provided with CopperCore.
Description: CopperCore is released under the GPL license. The following things changed in this release: added two additional parameters to the configuration file to enable authenticated access to the SMTP server.Fixed a problem with IMS LD global content resources that contained an escaped character (RFC 2732) in the resource identifier and/or file href attribute elements of the XML manifest. Added a configuration parameter that determines whether the DOCTYPE declaration in a IMS LD global content resource will be removed.Fixed IS operator for a Real property when being compared with a constant. 2009-01-09 FIXED: fixed CCRT startup warning concerning missing CopperCoreTopic. CopperCore now supports validation against local schemas which are included in the package. listUsersInRole API method has been added to CopperCore. Setting the active role was not persisted anymore due to an bug in the performance optimalization. CopperCore now correctly detects referential recursion in environments.
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ccsi_sources_1.0.tar.gzSources of CopperCore Service Integration2.81 MBtar archive compressed by GzipView/Open
ccsi_sources_1.0.zipSources of CopperCore Service Integration2.89 MBzipView/Open
coppercore_ccrt_3.3.tar.gzCopperCore Runtime49.35 MB.tar archive compressed by GzipView/Open
coppercore_ccrt_3.3.zipCopperCore Runtime49.66 MBzipView/Open
coppercore_sources_3.3.tar.gzCoppperCore sources427.47 kB.tar archive compressed by GzipView/Open
coppercore_sources_3.3.zipCopperCore sources972.81 kBzipView/Open
player_sources_3.3.zipDemo player sources128.06 kBzipView/Open
player_sources_3.3.tar.gzDemo player sources93.9 kB.tar archive compressed by GzipView/Open

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