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Title: Skills Labs: CSI demo for EMERGO
Authors: Westera, Wim
Storm, Jeroen
Berkhout, Jeroen
Joosten-ten Brinke, Desirée
Kluijfhout, Eric
Van den Brink, Henk
Slootmaker, Aad
Nadolski, Rob
Keywords: Skills Labs
Issue Date: 11-Dec-2009
Abstract: CSI is a EMERGO demo developed for the SURF Skills Labs project, by a team of CELSTEC colleagues. As a player you have ten minutes to find the murderer of mr. Dubois. Suspects are mrs. Dubois, the butler, the handyman and the gardener.
Description: Westera, W., Storm, J., Berkhout, J., Joosten-ten Brinke, D., Kluijfhout, E., Van den Brink, H. J., Slootmaker, A., & Nadolski, R. J. (2009). Skills Labs: CSI demo for EMERGO. Heerlen, The Netherlands: Open University of the Netherlands.
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