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Title: Keys to Successful EPIQ Business Demonstrator Implementation
Authors: Shoikova, Elena
Denishev, Vladislav
Keywords: competence development
knowledge management
Issue Date: 14-Dec-2009
Abstract: This paper presents the keys to successful implementation of the business demonstrator in high‐technology company EPIQ EA in electronic industry. The business demonstrator was designed and took place in the final stage of the TENCompetence evaluation work. It is related to the objective: To ensure the validity and viability of the approach during the project by performing real life pilot implementations in different organisational and international settings. The EPIQ business demonstrator has a unique piloting scenario because it involves an organisation, that has no previous experience with the competency‐related concepts, and has to make the entire shift (both methodologically and practically) from the traditional types of HR management process to the competency‐based talent management process. A competency‐based approach to developing the business demonstrator smart strategies and systems has been adopted. This process comprised of two parts. The first part included the analysis of the current and desired workforce competencies as the starting point for developing the talent management system that gives the HR team, executives, managers, and employees new power to drive performance and achieve immediate and long‐term strategic goals. The second part embraced the application of the competency‐based approach to create a cost‐effective, multiyear plan for building a fully integrated talent management system and pilot the TENCompetence organisational and technological infrastructure tailored to the organization’s unique culture, business processes and strategic goals. As significant outcome of the business demonstrator implementation a competence dictionary and set of competence profiles were created.
Description: Shoikova, E., & Denishev, V. (2009). Keys to Successful EPIQ Business Demonstrator Implementation. Paper presented at the 'Open workshop of TENCompetence - Rethinking Learning and Employment at a Time of Economic Uncertainty-event'. November, 19, 2009, Manchester, United Kingdom: TENCompetence. [unpublished] For the book please see
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