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Title: Using TenCompetence tools: experiences from on line competence based learning in Hydroinformatics at UNESCO-IHE
Authors: Jonoski, Andreja
Popescu, Ioanna
Keuls, Carel
Keywords: TENCompetence
Pilot study
Competence development
Water management professionals
Issue Date: 16-Dec-2009
Abstract: UNESCO-IHE, an international academic institute dedicated to water-related postgraduate education, is facing new challenges in offering life long learning services and online educational support. The institute has participated in the European Union (EU) TENCompetence Project as a pilot partner, responsible for carrying out two pilot on-line competence-based courses from the field of Hydroinformatics. The pilots were used for introduction of the competence-based learning concepts as well as for testing the supporting learning infrastructure developed within the TENCompetence project. This process has confronted the organisation with questions regarding: a) Education design and support b) ICT infrastructure support c) Organisational impact of competence based learning d) Future strategy for life long learning of water professionals In this paper we will briefly address the first two aspects, based on the experiences with the two Hydroinformatics on-line courses. A description is given of the approach taken for the redesign of an originally topic-driven course into a competence-based learning course. The evaluation of the participants of the new method of learning is presented in the paper with focus on tool usage and learning experience.
Description: Jonoski, A., Popescu, I., & Keuls, C. (2010). Using TenCompetence tools: experiences from on line competence based learning in Hydroinformatics at UNESCO-IHE. In D. Griffiths, & R. Koper (Eds.), Rethinking Learning and Employment at a Time of Economic Uncertainty. Proceedings of the 6th TENCompetence Open workshop (pp. 44-59). November, 19-20, 2009, Manchester, UK. Bolton, UK: Institute for Educational Cybernetics, The University of Bolton. For the complete book please see
ISBN: 978-0-907311-30-0
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