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Title: Rich services in interoperable Learning Designs: can the circle be squared?
Authors: Griffiths, David
Keywords: Learning Design
Issue Date: 17-Dec-2009
Abstract: Since the inception of IMS Learning Design (LD) the conundrum of providing flexible runtime services which are also interoperable has been a key problem. The LAMS platform, inspired by IMS LD gave priority to the creation of a practical framework for the integration of a rich set of services (at the expense of cross-platform interoperability of service rich learning designs), while the infrastructure built to run IMS LD focused on interoperability of learning designs (at the expense of a rich set of services). In this presentation we report on work in the TENCompetence project towards a resolution of this impasse through the provision of a rich and flexible set of services for IMS Learning Design runtime, using a widget server developed by the project. The capabilities of the widget server, and its potential for use in a wider context are outlined. The presentation also describes related work in the TENCompetence Learning Design Toolkit, which situates IMS LD in the context of a wider framework. Reflections are offered on the role of IMS LD in eLearning applications today, and the way in which these have informed an LD Player currently under development in TENCompetence is outlined.
Description: Griffiths, D. (2009). Rich services in interoperable Learning Designs: Can the circle be squared?. Presented at Opening Up Learning Design, European LAMS and Learning Design Conference 2009. July, 6-9, 2009, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom.
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