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Title: TENCompetence Learning Design Toolkit, Runtime component, ccsi_v3_2_10c_v1_4
Authors: Sharples, Paul
Popat, Kris
Llobet, Lau
Santos, Patricia
Hernández-Leo, Davinia
Miao, Yongwu
Griffiths, David
Beauvoir, Phillip
Keywords: IMS Learning Design
Learning Design Toolkit
Issue Date: 7-Jan-2010
Abstract: This is the source code of the TENCompetence Learning Design Toolkit, as released in July 2009. It inlcudes files for SLeD, Wookie, and CCSI
Description: Sharples, P., Popat, K., Llobet, L., Santos, P., Hernandez-Leo, D., Miao, Y., Griffiths, D. & Beauvoir, P. (2009) TENCompetence Learning Design Toolkit, Runtime component, ccsi_v3_2_10c_v1_4 This release is composed of three files corresponding to CopperCore Service Integration (CCSI) v3.2-10cv1.4, the SLeD3 player v1.4, and the Wookie Widget service v1.4. Wookie, developed by TENCompetence, is distributed under the three clause BSD license, copyright TENCompetence Foundation. The TENCompetence versions of CCSI and SLeD are distributed with the GPL license under which they were originally developed.
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src_ccsi_v3_2_10c_v1_4.zipThe CopperCore Service Integration component v 3.24.04 MBzipView/Open
src_sled3_10c_v1_4.zipThe source code for SLeD 3 version 1.46.64 MBzipView/Open
src_widgetservice_v1_4.zipThe source code for the Wookie Widget Server48.7 MBzipView/Open

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