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Title: NewAPIS source code – QTI v2.1 engine
Authors: Llobet, Lau
Santos, Patricia
Keywords: IMS QTI
Issue Date: 7-Jan-2010
Abstract: New APIS is a QTI v2.1 engine which includes functionalities such as: management of QTI questionnaires (tests), management of QTI questions items (Multiple Choice, Multiple Response, Yes/No, Likert, and Fill in the blank) and response processing. This version of NewAPIS works with the following applications: 1) Coppercore, as engine of IMS LD and 2) Sled, as player of UoLs (with QTI tests). A case study focused on the use of newAPIS is available at
Description: Llobet, L., Santos, P. (2009) NewAPIS source code – QTI v2.1 engine, TENCompetence Project. Available under the GNU GPL licence, Copyright TENCompetence Foundation.
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