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Title: Related Drupal Nodes Block
Authors: Van der Vegt, Wim
Keywords: Lsa
Issue Date: 1-Feb-2010
Abstract: A Drupal module that exposes a block that shows links to pages that are related to the currently visible page.
Description: Related Drupal Nodes Block This module exposes a block that uses Latent Semantic Analysis (Lsa) internally to suggest three nodes that are relevant to the node a user is viewing. This module performs three tasks. 1) It periodically indexes a Drupal site and generates a Lsa Term Document Matrix. Indexing is performaned each Cron job and uses the text found in the body of drupal nodes. The indexing can be very processing time and memory consuming. 2) When a node is shown, the text of this node is used to perform a query against the Term Documen Matrix and the best three matches nodes are displayed in this 'relevant nodes block. As opposed to the indexing the query is fast. 3) It allows the administrator to tweak most Lsa settings. For this Lsa knowledge is necessary. Note: This module uses the php_lsa engine found on This php_lsa engine is a php extension that runs only on windows machines. Thus this module will only run on wamp servers. Note: Documentation, binaries and sources of the php_lsa extension can be found on IMPORTANT: The php_lsa engine assumes certain paths where to store temporary files and has to remove all files there when re-indexing. As this removal is performed recusivly it is recommended to check the temporary file path to be correct and up to that time disable the code at the lines 548 to 565 of lsa.module!
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