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Title: Job insecurity, union support and the intention to resign membership. A psychological contract perspective tested among union members in four European countries
Authors: De Witte, Hans
Sverke, Magnus
Van Ruysseveldt, Joris
Goslinga, Sjoerd
Chirumbolo, Antonio
Hellgren, Johnny
Näswall, Katharina
Keywords: psychological contract theory
job insecurity
union support
union membership
intention to resign membership
European study
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: Sage Publications
Citation: European Journal of Industrial Relations Volume 14 Number 1 pp 85–103
Abstract: This paper explores the consequences of job insecurity among union members. Starting from the dominance of the instrumental motive for union membership, and using psychological contract theory, we hypothesize that the perception of job insecurity will correlate with a lower level of perceived union support and a higher intention to resign union membership. We also test whether the relationship between job insecurity and membership turnover is mediated by (a lack of) perceived union support. The hypotheses are tested in four European countries: Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands and Sweden. In three countries, an association is found between job insecurity and a reduction in perceived union support, and between job insecurity and the intention to resign membership. The association between job insecurity and membership turnover intentions is also fully mediated by (a lack of) perceived union support in these three countries. None of the hypotheses are corroborated in Sweden. The results of this study suggest that union members in all countries involved but Sweden experience job insecurity as a violation of the psychological contract with their union. Consequences of these findings for future research and for unions in Europe are discussed.
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