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Title: A presentation of four cases of organisational learning in a steam cracker. An exploration of organisational learning.
Authors: Pauwels, Fernando
Van Ruysseveldt, Joris
Keywords: organisational learning
steam cracker
chemical industry
case study
comparative European study
competence management
Issue Date: 1-Nov-2001
Publisher: Hoger Instituut voor de Arbeid
Citation: HIVA onderzoeksrapport - sector Arbeid en organisatie
Abstract: In this paper we will first recapitulate our theoretical framework and provide a definition of organisational learning, which will be further expanded on, amongst others by making use of a number of criteria, which have been developed by the Orglearn research consortium. After this short theoretical recapitulation, we will take a short virtual tour through Company B to end up at the steam cracker plant. In a following part, our four cases of organisational learning in the steam cracker will be presented. This paper is structured in such a way that we will first give you some background on a case, then discuss the case in detail to then make the link with organisational learning. A first case is about the re-evaluation of standard procedures. We will have a look at what a standard operating procedure is exactly, what the role of a plant manual is and how operators can make suggestions for improvement on the standard operating procedures. A second case is the competence management system they have implemented at Company B and at the steam cracker. First we will have a look at the job of an operator, then investigate the organisation of labour at the steam cracker and indicate some pitfalls to finally show you how this is a case of organisational learning. In a third case we will have a look at the organisational structure of Company B and indicate how this structure provides learning and knowledge sharing possibilities, which would otherwise not be present. In a final case, we will describe a unique situation while we were doing our research, namely the occurrence of critical incident. We will indicate what happened and which initiatives have been taken to prevent something similar from happening again. In a conclusive part, we will present you an overview matrix, showing how these cases are related to the five criteria of organisational learning.
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