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Title: Teaching for expertise: problem-based methods in medicine and other professional domains
Authors: Boshuizen, Els
Keywords: Problem-based learning
expertise development
Issue Date: 9-Jun-2010
Abstract: This chapter starts with a description of the problems with traditional education for the learned professions. Next “traditional” PBL is described at an instructional and curriculum level, and some new developments are presented. Finally the question ia raised whether it works or not? To answer this question, attention is given to the measurement of performance in the professions. Medicine is used as a prototype for PBL. Where necessary and available examples from other domains are given to illustrate the diversity in implementations and to show the reader that the cognitive and practical characteristics of the different professional fields have their implications for educational design.
Description: Boshuizen, H. P. A. (2009). Teaching for expertise: problem-based methods in medicine and other professional domains. In K. A. Ericsson (Ed.), The development of professional performance: Approaches to objective measurement and designed learning environments (pp. 379-404). UK: Cambridge University Press.
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