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Title: Learning in a technology enhanced world
Authors: Specht, Marcus
Keywords: learning
mobile learning
Issue Date: 13-Jun-2010
Abstract: The world around us is getting more and more technologically enhanced. Today's scientist and science fiction writers draw a vision of a world enhanced with sensor grids and nano technology. The talk will discuss the impact of context-aware and ubiquitous computing and the research necessary to support learning in a technology enhanced world. A key question is how we can unleash the power of contextual effects in ubiquitous technology enhancements for learning. The talk will develop a vision for "learning in context", in which ambient information channels can be used for learning in everyday environments and augmented artefacts help us to develop meta cognitive competences.
Description: Specht, M. (2009). Learning in a technology enhanced world. Invited talk given at the World Conference on E-learning in Corporate, Government, Healthcare & Higher Education. October, 27, 2009, Vancouver, Canada.
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