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Title: Ambient Learning Displays - Distributed Mixed Reality Information Mash-ups to support Ubiquitous Learning
Authors: Börner, Dirk
Keywords: mobile learning
ubiquitous learning
ambient displays
learning support
Issue Date: 21-Jun-2010
Abstract: The presented project focuses on the situated support of informal and non-formal learning scenarios in ubiquitous learning environments by enabling learners to view, access, and interact with contextualized digital content presented in an ambient way. The project explores the characteristics of ubiquitous learning and deduces informational, interactional, and instructional aspects to focus on. In order to measure the effects of ambient information systems on learning a conceptual framework that acquires, channels, and delivers the information framed in the learning process is proposed. The project sets up to establish awareness for relevant information; examine the personal, social, and environmental sensemaking process; and evaluate the situated support on its effectiveness for authentic learning. Analyzing the theoretical foundations and following an experimental design approach, the project will deliver scientific insights into the authentic learning support in informal and non-formal learning situations and provide suggestions for the future design of ambient systems for learning.
Description: Börner, D. (2010, 19-21 March). Ambient Learning Displays Distributed Mixed Reality Information Mash-ups to support Ubiquitous Learning. Presented at the IADIS International Conference Mobile Learning 2010, Porto, Portugal.
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