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Title: IMS-LD Modern Architecture: Skyscrapers and Residential Homes Level B
Authors: Gruber, Marion
Glahn, Christian
Keywords: GRAPPLE
learning design
modern architecture
Issue Date: 28-Jun-2010
Abstract: The UoL "Modern Architecture: Skyscrapers and Residential Homes" focuses on modern architecture based on two construction styles - skyscrapers and residential homes. The selected buildings for representing the construction styles are from three architects: Frank Lloyd Wright, Frank O. Gehry, and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. For each architect one building of each construction style is discussed in the UoL. This leads to three tracks for the educational design. Every track brings different objects from one architect together. The IMS LD Level B variation integrates the architect-track, the skyscraper-track, and the residential-home-track into a single play. The learner is allowed to freely work through the different tracks depending on his/her interests. After the general introduction of the UoL, the learner can set a preference of a topic to begin with. This preference can be either “skyscrapers” or “residential homes”. This choice activates the introduction to the topic and as soon the learner feels comfortable, the three related learning activities for this topic are activated as well. Each learning activity has a dedicated learning environment that includes a note-taking tool assigned. This allows the learner to take notes while performing a learning activity. When the learner has taken notes related to the active building, the biography of its architect and a related residential home from the same architect are activated. As soon as a learner has completed one of the three tracks a reflection activity for this track becomes available. This reflection activity is an assignment and includes all notes that have been taken in relation to the track. As soon as the learner is satisfied with the results of the reflection assignment the learner can submit the results. If all reflection assignments are submitted, the UoL is completed.
Description: Gruber, M. R., & Glahn, C. (2010). IMS-LD Modern Architecture: Skyscrapers and Residential Homes Level B. [IMS-LD content package].
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