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Title: D3.3 Scenario's: Threading of services
Authors: Hensgens, Jan
Van Bruggen, Jan
Keywords: LTfLL
scenario-based design
service integration
language technology
language technology tools
Issue Date: 22-Jul-2010
Abstract: Threading of LTfLL services was conceived as a means to enlarge the potential use groups of LTfLL services. This deliverable documents the design of threading of LTfLL services. It introduces levels of integration: shallow, data, workflow integration, modularisation and recombination. The deliverable gives several examples of educational usage of threading of LTfLL services. It documents in some detail a scenario for a ‘long thread’. Finally the deliverable reports on a number of issues in the design of threads to be considered in the final roadmap.
Description: Hensgens, J., & Van Bruggen, J. (2010). D3.3 Scenario's: Threading of services. LTfLL-project.
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