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Title: D4.3.2. Conceptual development services version 1.5
Authors: Haley, Debra
Wild, Fridolin
Buelow, Katja
Berlanga, Adriana
Braidman, Isobel
Smithies, Ali
Keywords: LTfLL
positioning services
knowledge rich approach
knowledge poor approach
conceptual development
Issue Date: 11-Oct-2010
Abstract: Deliverable 4.3.2 reports on the status of Version 1.5 of CONSPECT – the tool for monitoring conceptual development. Although many changes were made in Version 1.5 of CONSPECT to improve Version 1.0, there were five major changes. One, a list of concepts was created, which is an alternate view of the data shown in a conceptogram. Two, a clearer combined conceptogram was implemented. The third major improvement is a multiple-merge conceptogram, which combines three or more conceptograms. The fourth major improvement is a link from concepts to source, i.e., particular blog posting where the concept was written about. The fifth major improvement was the addition of extended context-specific help pages. In addition, the deliverable reports on extensive verification activities undertaken to determine the accuracy of CONSPECT.
Description: Haley, D., Wild, F., Buelow, K., Berlanga, A. J., Braidman, I., & Smithies, A. (2010). D4.3.2. Conceptual development services version 1.5. LTfLL-project.
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